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Round Stand With

   Banner Printing

Product Description

Easy set up,easy to carry,banner design can change,stand can re-use for long time.


T-Stand Round Based Bunting Stands is an inexpensive and simple solution to showcase your banner graphics. The simple and durable construction make this stand a great value. The combination of easy portability and simple set up makes this a great stand for those who require set up and removal to be a snap. 


Key Features

Allow to install 2 buntings (front & back)

Size : Max high: 7ft 

Weight : 1.5 kg +-

Material : Iron

Black non woven fabric 

Finishing : Pvc Pipe with String


Support Size:

24in(W) x 48in(H), 24in(W) x 60in(H), 24in(W) x 72in(H), 36in(W) x 48in(H), 36in(W) x 60in(H), 36in(W) x 72in(H), 48in(W) x 48in(H), 48in(W) x 60in(H), 48in(W) x 72in(H)


For stand price details pls whatsapp us now 0122328593


Artwork Specified :  

Resolution: At lease 100 dpi.

Color mode: CMYK.

Actual Size 

Artwork size: 100MB or less.

Artwork format: PDF.


Optional : Foamboard

       Iron Stand 


Included Canvas Bag